Beginners Waxing Guide

May 13th, 2014

waxingWaxing is quite popular today as a method of removing unwanted hair. There are so many spa outlets for waxing in Battersea which have sprung up to cater to the growing need for waxing. Although waxing is a very routine kind of an exercise for unwanted hair removal but a starter may have some questions in their mind. These questions are important to be answered so that the first timer is at ease while going for waxing for the first time. The first time waxer may have heard stories from her friends that how waxing was so painful. There will be questions related to cost, hygiene etc.

Here are some tips which will help the first time waxers:

Overcoming Fear – Fear is quite natural for the first timers as they are unaware about the actual waxing procedure. To overcome the fear, it is advisable that you go to the website of the salon from where you intend to get the waxing done. There will be customer reviews on the website which will answer some of your questions. You can also pick up the phone and call the owner of the spa who will help ease your mind. You will certainly be able to overcome some fear if you know about the spa in advance.

Hygiene issues – Hygeine of the spa may be the other issue for you. Whether the spa double dips the wax, whether the wax used is the right one, has the wax been stored properly, are some of the obvious questions. Again the hygiene of a spa can be understood by the reputation of the spa, the reviews of the cutomers and by simply talking to people who know that particular spa.

Relax – Try to feel relaxed on the day you are going to have waxing. Wear something comfortable. You can also say to yourself that you are going to enjoy the waxing process and it will be over in in a short time. These simple things will help ypu relax and enjoy the waxing process.


Where to Find Cute Nerd Glasses

March 31st, 2014

nerd glassesNerd glasses have today become the epitome of fashion, implying that a person is smart and fashionable! This wasn’t always the case. The term ‘Nerd’ first appeared in the 1950s and was used to describe shy, studious and socially awkward people. The most notable item connected to the identification of a ‘nerd’’ was his/her glasses. With a lot of ‘nerdy’ people rising to fame (the most notable being Bill Gates) and many stars like Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Edward Cullen in Twilight, sporting the ‘nerdy’ look, nerd glasses have become a fashion statement. Now-a-days, people with glasses are perceived as intelligent, reliable and trustworthy.

So what constitutes a ‘nerdy’ pair of eye glasses? A pair of frames that are

- Thick, dark in colour and are made of animal horn, tortoise shell or plastic (plastic is the preferred variety since they’re light and come in many shapes and colours)

- Semi rimless, roundish, rectangular or has horned rims

- Smart and stylish.

People obviously wear glasses for vision correction.However, today, people also wear glasses with clear lenses as a fashion accessory. You can have a variety of frames for different outfits, but that can be expensive. Thus, try opting for a pair of plain black frames; they go with pretty much every kind of outfit while appearing classy at the same time. Make sure they highlight rather than overwhelm your features.

So where can you buy such glasses? There are many options available:

- Websites for specific brands (for example, Ray Ban or Warby Parker)

- From online stores. EBay and Amazon usually have a wide selection of glasses with reviews added

- Visit your local flea markets for bargains and also some really cool retro finds

- Your local eye glass stores. This is the best way to buy a pair of eye glasses since you get to try on the frames and can actually see whether they suit you or not.

Nerd glasses are a really cool addition to your wardrobe and can really help with giving a positive impression about you.

How to Choose the Right Curling Wand

February 25th, 2014

remingtonIt’s not like this is news, but every girl deserves and needs a great curling iron.  No matter what the season, no matter what the current trends, the number one accessory for a woman is her hair.  Long, flowing hair with a healthy curl will never go out of style.  Investing in a quality curling wand is one of the best things you can do for your in-home style toolkit. Finding the right wand sounds much easier than it actually is.  There’s so many different varieties out there on the market, each claiming to be the best, of course.  Personally, I’ve gone through three of these in the last year.  One of them just died on me after a couple of months of usage.  The other just didn’t do the job.  It didn’t get hot enough.  I would have to hold the wand in place for a minute for it to work, and I simply didn’t have the patience.

My favorite curling wand

I stumbled upon an excellent review site a month ago, recommended to me by my best friend.  Not wanting to waste my time anymore sorting through product after product, I went with their number one recommended wand and I’ve never looked back.  Its called the Remington TStudio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand.  What I love about it:

  • The quality of materials: Believe it or not, it uses a ceramic barrel infused with actual pearl.  This gives your hair a smoothness and a shine that I’ve never experienced with another product of its kind.
  • The shape: Gotta go with conical.  A cone shaped barrel gives you a more realistic, natural looking curl.  Which is what I think we’re all going for these days.

Check out the Remington if you’re in the market.  I was happy and I’m sure you’ll be too.

3 Places You Would Never Expect to See Yoga

February 25th, 2014

Because of yoga’s incredible health and mental benefits, we’re seeing it show up just about everywhere. Here’s three places you’d never believe would have yoga.

yoga in prisonYou may have noticed, every where you turn these days, yoga is there. Less than 30 years ago, yoga was considered to be a far-out-there, spiritual practice reserved only for hippies and gurus in India. Yoga’s surge in popularity, especially in the west, began by people noticing the physical benefits of the practice. We are a body conscious society. Regardless of profession, whether we are fashion models or bartenders, fitness and health are important to us.

However, a slim flexible body and toned abs aren’t the only benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Once you give it a try, you’ll notice a calmness of the mind that cannot be achieved with your typical zoomba workout. Stress begins to fade and you begin to become very “present”, meaning that you’re not thinking about issues of the past or to-do lists of the future.

Because of these incredible health and mental benefits, we’re seeing yoga show up just about everywhere. And it’s no surprise.

Places You’d Never Expect to See Yoga


Both office workers and corporate management teams have begun to recognize the benefits of yoga. Many top tier corporate companies are offering classes to its employees, free of charge. The payoff to the company is well worth the cost. Employees are happier, healthier, and avoid some of the problematic issues that occur from office life, such as back pain and stress.

Many office workers are also swapping out their chairs for yoga balls. Just like with a kneeling chair, the body sits up right on the ball. You balance while you work, as it tones your core without any thought or effort. The yoga ball chair provides incredible ergonomic benefit due to the lack of a back support. Perfect posture is easy to get used to.


Believe it or not, kids love yoga. Typically, the concentration and calmness required to practice it are hard to maintain for a child, but they find the postures incredibly fun. Many of the positions are quite fun an imaginative, often imitating animals. This gives children a chance to cut loose and be physical in a healthy and fun way.

Many schools are starting to incorporate yoga into their extracurricular programs. Summer schools and after school programs are offering it as an option to typical physical education.


Correctional facilities have been bringing yoga teachers in for their rehabilitation programs for over a decade. The attendance is surprisingly high. Inmates enjoy the physical challenge presented by yoga and are often shocked by its difficulty. I mean, yoga is supposed to be for us girls, right?

Prisoners also enjoy the opportunity to learn spiritual techniques such as meditation to help understand their situations and over come them internally.

Improve Your Posture with Clever Furniture

February 25th, 2014

posture solutionOne of the main things we consider when judging an attractive body image is a persons posture.  Posture coveys many things to a person.  This includes health, confidence, refinement, fitness, etc.  Now, not all of us are movie stars and models.  We don’t have personal trainers to come to our in-home fitness centers to help keep us in shape.  Given our busy schedules, it may be hard to make it to the gym or after work yoga classes.

In fact, what we actually do for most of the day is work at a desk in front of the computer.  This is actually conterproductive to our posture.  One clever way to improve your posture from the comfort of your desk is to use a kneeling chair or stool.

What is  a Kneeling Stool?

A kneeling chair is a popular piece of office furniture designed to improve your posture. How it works is very simple.  You can see from the picture above that this furniture piece doesn’t come equipped with a back rest.  This design is intentional.  Without a back rest, your body will have to upright itself.  You’re not able to lean back or slouch forward over your keyboard.

Your body will assume correct posture naturally. You’ll sit straight without having to think about it.  I personally got a kneeling chair in 2008. Before using it, I was the worst sloucher ever.  This applied to when I was sitting but also when I was standing. When someone once called me Quasimoto in jest, I really took it to heart and decided I should do something about it.

I started researching ergonomic chairs and came across an ergo review page . They helped me find a knee stool that was recommended as a 5/5 star product by both their team and the customers.  I decided to give it a go and purchased my first.

I can say now that my posture is great.  This is the only thing that I’ve done to improve my posture.  I don’t go to yoga.  I don’t go to the gym.  I just use my kneeling chair and thats it.  Check it out.